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The roots of the Mercersburg Area Community Band reach deep into the town’s history.

Band History

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In 1883, a former Civil War soldier who later became a dentist in town started a band in Mercersburg. Dr David Grosh called the band the Eagle Cornet Band, and it performed at church picnics, parades, and political rallies in the town square until the death of its last director in 1943.

After World War II, in 1946, the citizens of Mercersburg formed a new band called the American Legion Band. Soldiers home from the war were glad for the chance to play in a band again, but band members didn’t have to belong to the American Legion.

Anyone who played an instrument was welcome to join. In time, the name of the band was changed to the Mercersburg American Legion Community Band.

The band became a particularly important part of life in Mercersburg in the 1950’s and early 1960’s. It wasn’t unusual in those days for the band to perform 35 to 40 times a year. It played for picnics, festivals, and parades not only in Mercersburg but in surrounding communities, where it won many prizes for excellence in marching and musicianship.

As the 1960’s turned into the 1970’s, many people began to lose interest in playing in the band. In 1972, the band disbanded and for 14 years its music gathered dust in the old Band Hall off South Main Street. In 1986, town resident Fred Wagner decided it was time for another community band. Mr. Wagner directed the band for 20 years and changed the band’s name to better reflect its membership, naming it the Mercersburg Area Community Band.

Our Team

In 2006, Mr. Wagner moved from the Mercersburg area and Gary Louder assumed the position as its band director. The band rehearses once a week during the summer months and plays 5 or 6 concerts in Mercersburg and its surrounding communities. The band’s membership consists of approximately 45 musicians from many walks of life.

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During the summer of 2010 the band celebrated its 25th season since reforming under the name of The Mercersburg Area Community Band. The band commemorated this event by commissioning Gary Fagan of Charlottesville ,Va. to write a piece of music specifically for the band. “Mercersburg – A Celebration of People and Place” made its debut during the summer of 2010 and Gary Fagan conducted the piece during the band’s annual performance in the Kiwanis Bandshell at Chambersburg Memorial Park on the 4th of July.


Mercersburg Area Community Band Officers

Director Gary Louder
Assistant Director Jack Hawbaker

Mark Metcalfe

Vice President

Linda Shade


Jayne Metcalfe


Sherry Rosenberry


Steve Trevitz

Equipment Manager

Jeffrey Shetter


Barry Boyer


Pat Beard


Dick Anderson


Deb Welsh

Current Band

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